The St. Louis Cardinals are teaming up with Tums to bring you an exclusive deal on tickets for only $6! Here is how you can get in on this deal...

It is called the Dynamic Deal of the Week, tickets to see the Cardinals host the Giants on September 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th for only $6. If you are interested in buying tickets to any of these games click here! The game on Monday the 2nd is a day game with a 1:15 pm first pitch, the 3rd and 4th are night games with 6:45 pm first pitches, and the game on the 5th is a day game with a 12:15 pm first pitch.

I think this is awesome of the Cardinals to do for their fans, it is the perfect opportunity to take the whole family to a game this summer without spending an absolute arm and a leg. And with how close the National League Central race is right now, every single game down the stretch is going to matter big time. As always follow me on Twitter @MarkHespen and Instagram @MarkHespen.

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