Traveling down to St. Louis for Cardinals baseball games can be expensive.

There's the gas cost, food, drinks, parking, hotel rooms if you're making a weekend out of it, and lets not forget the price of admission into the game. Except the Cardinals have partnered with Tums for $6.00 ticket days!

There are tickets available for on six bucks on Monday May 6th and Wednesday May 8th, but they are selling out quick! If you're interested in saving big you can buy the tickets by clicking here. The Cardinals will be playing Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies that week, so a really nice match-up for the extra discounted tickets.

Now if you have been following me you know I am a Cubs fan, and as much as I love the Cubs winning the World Series and making the playoffs it comes at a financial cost. Gone are the glorious days of losing Cubs baseball where you could get day of bleacher tickets for under $10. I have never been to Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals play, but with a deal this good I might just have to take off work and go root for the Phillies!

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