As a parent, you always wonder if you're doing the job right. One Iowa teen just proved to his parents that they are.

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On a cold day in Iowa, 17-year-old Joe Salmon was just doing his own thing ice fishing and watching snowmobiles on  East Okoboji Lake. All of a sudden, according to, the teen saw Thomas Lee's Jeep plunge into the frozen lake and that's when Joe jumped into action. The entire rescue was caught by a drone flying by take by Drone Photographs by Tom Gustafson.

According to the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office - Iowa, Joe first got Lee's dog Cooper and then went on to get Lee out of the truck with the help of four other men who saw the whole thing happen as well. All of the men, Joe, Thomas, and Cooper are all safe and sound with no injuries to report.

I am so glad that this story has a happy ending and that everyone walked away safe and sound. It's also a big reminder when crossing bridges and other ice-covered roadways to take your time and drive safely, you just never know what can happen.

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