This is proof that Kansas City Chiefs fans have their hearts in the right place. A movement is underway where Chiefs fans are donating to Josh Allen's children's charity and thousands have already been raised.

ESPN shared the news of this big-hearted gesture. As they reported, it began with a popular Kansas City Chiefs fan Facebook group on Monday.

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ESPN is reporting that after only 2 days, over $178,000 has already been raised and the $13 dollar donations continue to pour in. The $13 dollar donation requests were inspired by the incredible 13 second drive that Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs offense engineered to tie the divisional playoff game on Sunday.

The Patricia Allen wing of the children's hospital in Buffalo was created by Josh in honor of his late grandmother.

The movement that continues to pick up momentum among the Kansas City Chief faithful proves that even in a legendary game that one team must unfortunately lose, everyone can be winners in the end.

Simply awesome.

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