You can vote on this popular Instagram page for your favorite bar to advance in the bracket!

If you know me, you know I love Instagram (Follow me on Instagram click here!) I love the Instagram app, its fun and easy, and it's not TikTok so I understand it. Well there is a great Instagram account that everyone in the Quincy area should follow it is called BarsofQuincy, to follow them click here! 

Well the "Bars of Quincy" Instagram account is dedicated to everything bar related in the city of Quincy, in there bio they say...

"Featuring and reviewing the many unique drinking establishments of Quincy and Adams County, Illinois."

So they decided to do a March Madness bracket for the many different bars of Quincy, they started with 32 bars, and no seeding, which I appreciate because seeding is tough and can influence you one way or another when voting. And they have made it down to their Elite 8 bars, to vote on these just click on the Instagram Story of "BarsofQuincy" right now the final matchups are Quincy Brewing Company vs The Dock, Jeds vs Barney's, State Street vs Instant Replay, and The Abbey vs Spring Street.

Obviously these are all elite bars here in the city of Quincy, and I wouldn't be upset with any of them winning the bracket. I have already voted today on their story, so spread the word, follow this really cool account, and vote to send your favorite bars to the final four. And then go out and get a drink at those bars this weekend and support local!

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