I was reading with interest a story in Sunday's Herald Whig about Hyperloop Transportation. You ask what is Hyperloop transportation?  Well, it is cutting edge technology that can take passengers from St. Louis to Kansas City in record time. It is estimated that the Hyperloop can travel a speeds in excess of 240 miles an hour and could possibly reach speeds of 700 miles per hour.  It is driven by electric power using a low friction tube at airline speeds.

More testing is ahead for this project, but some in the know are speculating it could be up and running within 7 years. Imagine going from St. Louis to Kansas City in 30 minutes and only 15 minutes to Columbia, Missouri from either city by 2026.

The projected path would be along the current I-70 route between the two cities since the state owns the right of way. This project won't be affected by bad weather or fuel prices either according to the Whig's story.

The funding for this enormous project should be interesting with many saying it should be funded by a public-private partnership. Let's see how that plays out.  Obviously, if it works as they are saying, look for Hyperloops from New York to Los Angeles to be on the table soon among other routes.

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