So my weekend breakfast group was discussing Christmas being here already and the discussion turned to Christmas trees. To go real or artificial? Most thought a real tree was better, but an artificial tree was more practical and safer. Then someone mentioned, "have you heard about the new 'inverted' Christmas trees"?

We all looked at him and said what is an inverted Christmas tree?  He said it is an upside down tree with the tip of the tree planted into a holder on the floor. So instead of an "A-framed" tree as we have all become accustomed with, it's a tree shaped like a "V".

After hearing this, I asked are any of our traditions going to last? Where do we put the angel or star on this kind of tree? More importantly, why would you do this? None of us knew the answers to these questions.

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We all just shook our heads and said the world is changing and even Christmas, as we have all known it, is changing with it.

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