Have you ever watched the movie "Christmas Vacation" and wondered to yourself what would happen if those characters were really played by Missouri cities? I have and can select nearly the entire cast just by looking at a map of the Show Me State.

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Hard to believe "Christmas Vacation" is now 34 years old. Many would argue it's the greatest holiday comedy of all time and I'm probably part of that group. Using just my imagination and a map, I've recreated the movie but cast the characters as Missouri cities and towns. See if you agree. Let's begin.

If Missouri Cities Were Christmas Vacation Characters

Gallery Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment via YouTube

I doubt the chambers of commerce in these Missouri places will be sending me a Christmas card now, but oh well.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Display Wins the Holidays

A homage to Clark Griswold and his iconic Christmas vacation wins the holidays. The display in Barneveld is the perfect way to kick off a fun old fashioned family Christmas.

Gallery Credit: Polly

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