Caterpillar, Boeing, Citadel, and more have all left Illinois since the start of 2022, and now another major American brand is moving 500 jobs out of the Land of Lincoln to their headquarters a couple of states south.

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Tyson Foods will be moving 500 corporate jobs out of the state of Illinois to their company headquarters in Arkansas, according to an article published on In the article they say...

"Tyson had been in Chicago since 2014 after it purchased Hillshire Brands for $8 billion, acquiring a research and development center in Downers Grove and an office in the West Loop. Illinois is also losing employees from Citadel, Boeing, Caterpillar, FTX and Highland Ventures to other states ­– all moves announced this year."

The article goes on to say that even though Chicago is getting more jobs as McDonald's has moved its headquarters downtown, crime rates are making it hard to recruit new talent. To read the complete article on Tyson Foods moving 500 jobs out of the Land of Lincoln just click here!

These stories are difficult to read and write about as a born and raised Illinoian. I do love this state and have lived here my whole life, but something has got to change right? Losing major company after company and great job after great job just isn't sustainable. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am no expert on politics and how to run a state, BUT Illinois already has to deal with bad weather, and there is nothing we can do about that so why make it more expensive to live and work here than the states with the really good weather? Doesn't make much sense to me...

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