Whelp, this video proves my point...ghosts do exist.

I've been in the Mark Twain Cave and it's an adventure, but one visitor captured something on video that even you can't deny is fake. In the video (below) you will see a mist form and come straight towards the camera operator, and you can say it's fog because fog does not move like that.

If you've ever been on a cave tour you will know that at one point, they shut the lights off and you can't see in front of your face at all. I'm always scared that I will see something paranormal, or when the lights come back on there will be something there that wasn't before. It always freaks me out.

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So, when I saw this, I was both excited and thinking, yup I'm not going back in that cave. There are stories of people that have gotten lost in the cave, or bodies found in the cave, so it wouldn't surprise me that the cave is haunted. Now, no one has officially said that it's haunted, but with this video it’s hard to dispute it now. I wonder if they will have tours on Halloween, that might be a fun time to explore the cave and try to see if you find anything.

The next time you are in the cave try to have your camera on, or your video camera on. You never know what you will capture, and all those non-believers out there, what do you think the mist is?

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