It was announced this morning that Jim Keller will resign his position as Adams County Coroner effective July 10, 2018. In his resignation letter, Keller commented that although his term runs until 2020, he feels it is time to step down.

Quoting Keller in his letter “After much consideration, my family and I have decided we need to focus on spending more quality time together, and that requires me to return to a regular schedule. It has been my great pleasure serving as Adams County Coroner for the past six years, and I am thankful for the great people who supported me along the way.”

Keller has been criticized lately for Adams County’s Indigent Death Policy, which led to the policy being changed. Previously, if someone died and their family could not afford to pay for the funeral costs, Coroner Keller would keep the death certificate until the family could pay the $1,000 cost for cremation.

The Adams County Board unanimously passed a new Indigent Death Policy following numerous complaints. Under the new policy, family members will sign an affidavit saying they and the decedent don't have money.  The Adams County Board also plans to start taking advantage of state funds to cover indigent burials as needed.

Meanwhile Keller, shortly after this old indigent policy came to light, revealed on May 10th that he had been attacked when someone threw a rock through his vehicle window and hit him in the head around 8:30 p.m. on Gardner Expressway near Jackson Street.  No one has been arrested yet and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating that incident. Keller at the time said he didn't know if the attack was related to the county's controversial Indigent Death Policy or not.

On July 10 the Adams County Board will vote to accept Keller's resignation. If accepted, they will then pick a replacement during that board meeting. Meanwhile, anyone interested in running in the next election for the coroner position should contact Adams County Clerk Chuck Venvertloh at 217-277-2166.


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