If not for the graffiti, it would look like any other bridge you might cross in Illinois. So why is it considered one of the most terrifying expanses anywhere in the Land of Lincoln? The reason is connected to the history of what's taken place in this part of Illinois.

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There's a very recent article by Only In Your State that names the top 5 scariest drives in Illinois. What has become known as the "Acid Bridge" between Collinsville and Lebanon, Illinois made the list. This is what it looks like normally during daytime.

seeAghost via YouTube
seeAghost via YouTube

So why is Illinois' "Acid Bridge" so freaking terrifying?

Cult activity - The woods to the right of where this bridge begins has been connected to groups that meet at night and perform questionable rituals.

Drugs - Stories say that many young people have frequented this bridge as a hangout for generations with some sampling substances that have sometimes led to their demise.

Death - An alarming number of the young have used this location to end their lives. Even one is too many, but there are many more than one that have made that final eternal decision here.

This YouTuber shared a frightening tale of a discussion he had with a deputy about this bridge. He claims that the officer told him that he had spotted a body hanging from a tree and the bridge appearing like it had been set on fire.

The "Acid Bridge" is part of the 7 gates of hell references you'll hear many talk about in southern Illinois.

Normally I can discount legends like this as the result of wild imaginations, but there are too many true stories of real tragedies here to just say "Acid Bridge" is a normal place.

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