A website has ranked the 15 Best Lakes in Illinois and surprise surprise, Lake Michigan doesn't take the top spot, so...which lake is number one?

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According to a ranking on the website thecrazytourist.com, Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County, IL south of Decatur is the best lake in the Land of Lincoln, taking the top spot ahead of lakes like Lake Mattoon, Lake Springfield, and even Devil's Kitchen Lake, so what about Lake Shelbyville makes it so special? According to the website they say...

"This reservoir was created by the damming of the Kaskaskia River in Shelby County. It is a 45 square kilometre lake that is bordered by the Eagle Creek State Park and Wolf Creek State Park, as well as being home to five federal campgrounds...There is a multipurpose trail, equestrian trail, a number of golf courses and marinas surrounding the lake area. Lake Shelbyville is also renowned for its fishing..."


To read more about Lake Shelbyville and to see the complete list of Best Lakes in Illinois just click here!

I got to be honest I have never heard of Lake Shelbyville in all my 31 years living in Illinois but from the looks and sounds of it, it seems to be a terrific place! I will say, however, this list doesn't include the magnificent Crystal Lake in Crystal Lake, Illinois so I don't know how much I can trust this list because Crystal Lake is a really special lake and I'm not just saying that because I grew up there! What do you think about this list? And if you have been to Lake Shelbyville is it worth making a trip to?

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