Please take a look at the picture of the dog. If that was your child's pet would you give it away?  Probably not.  But for many people that is the difficult decision they are making.

What do you do when you have little money, a family to take care of and pets at home as well?  Well, you look to see where you can cut back on things. When you finally get to the point you can't cut anymore you have some hard decisions to make.  Like getting rid of the family pet your kids have come to love simply because you can't afford the food the pet needs.

For years Paw Pals was around to help ease that situation by donating dog and cat food for people in that dilemma but they closed their doors earlier this year.  Since then, people have been forced to find ways to feed their pets or give them up and unfortunately many have done the latter.  The folks at Katherine Road Animal Hospital have seen the effects of Paw Pals closing with stray dogs and pets being dropped off by owners who just can't afford to keep them any longer.

Therefore, they have asked if the radio stations of Townsquare Media could help get the word out that they will be a drop off site for dry dog and cat food from now through July 26th.  From past history, it is known that some 400 pounds of pet food was donated weekly to people in need and that need has not subsided. If you could purchase one or two additional bags of dry dog and cat food when you do your shopping this week and drop it off at Katherine Road Animal Hospital (next to the Illinois State Driver's License building) at 2522 Locust Street it would be greatly appreciated.

Katherine Road Animal Hospital will be a drop off collection site for dry dog and cat food Monday thru Friday from 8 to 5 through July 26th.  Monetary donations will also be accepted.  If you can’t come by, they will come to you and pick up your dog and cat food donation by calling 228-1982.

Please help keep the area's pets and owners together by donating some food today.

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