After weeks of self-imposed isolation people begin to take on a different look about them.  As things change around them, they change around things. With people denied access to salons and barbershops for weeks, one can get lost in the a crowd of people that they used to belong to.  Such is the case with the man who is shown above. This man has last been seen around 24th and Broadway in Quincy and has been in that area for weeks, but no one seems to know who he is? His presence has caused many to secure their locations. If you happen to see this man, perhaps you can purchase a razor and some scissors for him so he can return to his normal self.

A Coronavirus scare can do some funny things to people, but to do this to this man? So when you run in to this man, be kind, he is believed to be harmless and is working for Townsquare Media as an undercover guy. Who's cover is another story for another time!

By the way, we believe him to be this guy (below) at one time.


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