I often find myself standing in front of rows upon rows of home décor at stores thinking to myself: “This all looks the same to me, I have no idea what to get..."

Now, this could be because I am a 22 year old male whose idea of a well-decorated room is a comfortable seat, a few movie posters on the wall, and a surround sound system big enough to communicate with any alien life the universe may hold. But I believe that it is because none of the pieces have any character to me, mostly because I didn’t have any input on creating the decorations.

This Saturday, the Quincy Art Center is giving you and your family the opportunity to truly bring life to your home with your own self-decorated pottery. Pieces range from $5-$20 and after you finish your piece, it will be fired and ready to pick up in one week.

While you’re there, consider checking out some of the exhibits in the gallery and participate in Family Day, which is only $5 per family. It looks like it will be a hot weekend, so stop by and create something that you will be proud to display in your house.

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