Take a virtual tour of the "100 Faces of War" exhibit at the Quincy Art Center on Thursday!

Since I moved from Chicago to Quincy a little over a year ago, one of the things that has impressed me most about the Gem city is its ability to consistently bring, and create, high level art for the Tri-State community, whether its music, theatre or exhibits like 100 Faces of War. The Quincy Art Center brought a fantastic exhibit called 100 Faces of War from the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. but unfortunately it arrived at the same time COVID-19 was arriving across the United States. With coronavirus shutting down the Quincy Art Center to the public many of us, myself included, haven't had an opportunity to check out this incredible exhibit, but now we do! The Quincy Chamber of Commerce, The Quincy Art Center, Right on Q, The Quincy Young Professionals, and Diversity and Inclusion in Quincy, have all teamed up to bring a virtual tour of the exhibit on Thursday, May 28th at 4 pm. They said on their Facebook event page...

"Through the eyes of soldiers and citizens who participated in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters, "100 Faces of War" gives voice to the one percent of Americans that volunteer to defend the 99 percent. Featuring 100 portraits of Americans from every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, the subjects represent a cross section of those who served, and reflect a variety of military branches, job descriptions, and personal backgrounds."

To learn more about this event click here!

To register to be a part of the virtual tour click here!

I can't wait for this! It is such a bummer to not be able to see this exhibit in person because I can only imagine how powerful it is, but to be able to go on a virtual guided tour of this will be fantastic. We are really lucky that we have such a fantastic arts community here in Quincy!


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