I have 98% of my shopping done, and times a ticking. If you have a few more people to buy for this holiday, here are a couple of local gift ideas.

Give the gift of arts this holiday. There are so many organizations that offer gift certificates and unique gifts for that special someone on your life. If you have someone who enjoys anything historical in the Adams Country area, check out The Historical Society of Adams County new shop which just launched on their website. You can buy books, clothes, toys & games, plus much more. There will be plenty of options for you to choose from.

The Villa Kathrine also has a shop where you can get kinds of Quincy memorabilia. Visit them at 532 Gardner Expressway. IF you have an artist in your life The Quincy Art Center (still closed to the public) offer classes online. You pick up the supplies at the center and take it home and complete the class online. You can purchase a gift certificate for a class.

SO not only do you finish out your shopping list, but you shop local and help support local businesses and organizations in Quincy.

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