It’s pretty clear who the REAL Quincy Gems fans are. And I think we may have found the biggest one of them all in seven-year-old Kaliya of Quincy.

Tasked with writing a letter (which is a lost art, by the way), young Kaliya chose to reach out to the boys of Gem City summer and request that they visit her classroom at Dewey Elementary. And flattery is definitely one of her strong suits.

The letter reads:

Dear Quincy Gems,
You guys are the best baseball team in [the] history of baseball teaming. If you want to know, I am in Mrs. Polak’s class. If you want you can come visit us, you know? Some people in my class are some of your biggest fans. My cousin Camry is also a big fan.
Love, your biggest fan,

Move over 1927 Yankees. The 2017 Gems are officially “The Best Baseball Team in the History of Baseball Teaming”. I’d say a personal classroom visit is in order, wouldn’t you? Maybe Mrs. Polak, mother of former Gem and current USC Gamecock Joey Polak, can pull some “baseball mom” strings and make this happen.

The Gems’ season gets underway May 30 with the home opener slated for Wednesday May 31 at QU Stadium.

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