Missouri residents are still on the Quarantine list in these 7 places, what does that mean exactly?

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If you are a Missouri resident and you are looking to plan a vacation or a long weekend getaway, there are 7 places in the United States I would avoid if I were you. Why? Because if you are a Missouri resident and travel to one of these 7 places you would be required to self Quarantine for 14 days before actually getting out and enjoying the place you traveled too.

According to ksdk.com here are the 7 places that Missouri residents are still on a Quarantine order due to COVID-19 concerns.

Chicago, Washington D.C., Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

To learn more about exactly why Missouri residents are being asked to quarantine check out the full article on ksdk.com by clicking here!

Not that many people are looking to travel during this time of the year with school underway, and the weather starting to turn. But it is good to know that if for some reason you live in Missouri and needed to go to New York or Chicago or one of the other 7 places on the list, that you would be asked to self quarantine for 14 days for fear of you bringing the coronavirus with you from Missouri. Thankfully Missouri is not on a travel quarantine list for the whole state of Illinois or else that would make life in the Tri-States a nightmare for so many individuals who cross the river multiple times a day.


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