A list of the most overweight and obese cities in America for 2022 came out and two of the top 50 spots belong to the two great cities in Missouri.

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According to WalletHub.com, two of the top 50 most obese cities in America in 2022 are St. Louis and Kansas City. The cities aren't exactly near the top of the list in fact St. Louis comes in at 49th on the list and Kansas City is not too far ahead at 44th place, and when you consider the amount of delicious food that comes out of those great American cities I would say that's not too bad (it's not great because obesity leads to so many other health issues, but I figured they would both be higher on the list).

As far as the top of the list goes, well it is dominated by cities in the south, Texas has 6 of the top 55 spots including number 1 overall with McAllen Texas area. The rest of the top 10 has no northern or western states, only Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisianna, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. When we look closer at home Des Moines, Iowa ranks highest in the Tri-States in 39th place, while shockingly to me Chicago ranks the lowest in 80th place. To see the full list of rankings for yourself click here! 

To be honest, these rankings are pretty fascinating to look at, the south has so many of the top cities for obesity and it is crazy to see how none of the northern states even come close to cracking the top ten, are you surprised by the rankings?

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