It was a full year for Miley Cyrus who will be bringing her Bangerz Tour to the Scottrade Center in St. Louis in April.

Miley did a pretty thorough  job of shedding her Hannah Montana image in 2013. From twerking on stage with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards, to swinging around on her 'Wrecking Ball' sans clothing in the songs video, to 'bad girl' comments to having hundreds of pictures taken with her tongue hanging out in a way we aren't sure is meant to be provocative or just silly, Miley is clearly now Miley. Hannah is dead. For better or worse.

She got enough attention that Time Magazine named her as one of their 10 finalists for 'Person of the Year.' She lost that one to the Pope though.

Billy Ray's pride and joy will make her way through St. Louis on Wednesday, April 16. The show at the Scottrade Center will start at 7pm with opening acts Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira. Tickets range from $39.50 to $89.50, plus fees, and are available online.


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