The Tri-States has some great restaurants and businesses, but over the years we've lost some great ones that we would love to get back. 

We set up a Facebook question about which restaurants/businesses would you like to have revived, and there were some great suggestions. I would like to see a Merkel's type store back that has everything from sports equipment to food, maybe a K's Merchandise too. I miss Goody's in Hannibal and Gordmans.

So many great businesses and restaurants we've lost in the past year also due to COVID and places just not able to bounce back from the statewide closures. K's is probably the one I miss the most, that store had everything, I just hope we get something like that back again, and no Target does not count.

As many times and I drive up and down Broadway it seems more and more businesses and restaurants are closing and empty building just sit there and have for several years. The Sears building, the County Market building (30th & Broadway), the Shopko building, so many vacant for years now, you just gotta wonder what is going to come of these buildings.

As we patiently wait to find out, let’s take a look back as some of the businesses and restaurants you would like revived in the Tri-States.

18 Long-Lost Tri-State Businesses We'd Like To See Revived

What long-lost Tri-States stores and restaurants do you long to see return?

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