Here we go again, another business set to close this Sunday, and another empty lot will sit.

Shopko will close their doors for good on June 23, and there is not much left. I have taken advantage of the closeout sales that have been going on the last few weeks, but I am sad to see another business close, and another lot sit empty.

There are a few odds and ends left, but mostly clothes, and household items. Of course I would like to see a Target, heck, maybe even a Sutherland's come to Quincy, but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

When we start shopping for back to school, most of us will probably get everything online, or travel to Hannibal, St. Louis or Springfield to get what we need. There's not many options left in Quincy. You still have time to shop at Shopko, but just a few more days left before the final customer checks out.

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