Today is the anniversary of America's first toll bridge built back in 1654. That bridge was located at Rowley, Massachusetts. People got to cross it for free but animals were charged. Interesting??? I've never seen a cow carry any money on them so I wonder how these animals did it. Just joking of course. Actually, if you led your farm animal across that bridge you did have to pay for it. Not sure what the toll fee was then. In any case it led me to think about our current times and the recent discussion going on in Missouri regarding I-70. There is a movement looking into charging a toll to travel on I-70 in Missouri from St. Louis to Kansas City. If that is implemented the State of Missouri would receive Millions of dollars which they could use to offset costs for upkeep of the state's highways and byways. That part of I-70 maybe one of the highest volume stretches of highway for that interstate. But before you start thinking, hey that's the way to raise the funds needed for the state, think about the ramifications of doing so. If it does bring in the kind of money they are talking about you can bet other states will be wanting to do the same. Think about having to pay a toll from Hannibal to Quincy for using I-172 or US 61 from Canton to Hannibal. You better believe all eyes will be on this decision and if it makes money you better be ready to cough up some green banks to use other roadways in this country. Maybe that train from Quincy to Hannibal (see a previous blog) might not be a bad idea.

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