Missouri has seen some big snow storms, but nothing like the one that buried the state during the largest 1-day snowfall in Show Me State history 12 years ago today.

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It was February 2, 2011 when a mammoth storm crossed Missouri. By the time it was done, it left 3 Missouri counties with the largest 1-day snowfall in history - 2 FEET.

The National Centers for Environmental Information from NOAA shows the counties where the deepest totals have been recorded. The darker the county, the deeper the snow.


Stacker recorded the counties that got 2 feet of snow on February 2, 2011. Johnson and Bates County were the winners of the 2 feet of snow contest while Cooper County recorded 22.5 inches. Wow.

Here's some video recorded from the aftermath of that February 2, 2011 storm from Columbia, Missouri.

The truth is the 2 feet of snow that fell that February day was actually a tie with 3 previous storms. One happened on Feb 25, 1979. Another was Dec 5, 1925. The other Missouri storm that dropped 2 feet of snow occurred Feb 25, 1912.

If you remember that February 2011 blizzard, you might recall that the same storm system would go on to cause "Snowmageddon" in Chicago.

No storm in history has dropped more snow on Missouri in 1 day like the one on February 2, 2011. Yet.

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