Having spent the first ten years of my life in New York, I admit, I cried my eyes out when I first rolled into Canton in 1991. No beach, no skyscrapers, no Coney Island, no hot dog stand, no Statue of Liberty. Just a small town with one stop light. But I would come to love that little town. And if you spent time there in the '90s, join me in a little trip down memory lane. Here are a few things that only YOU can appreciate:


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    Before & After School Cruise Strip

    Before school, after school, weekends, and pretty much whenever you were bored. Everyone knew the "cruise strip" from Niemann's lot to Ayerco Oil Company. I mean I would drive that strip so many times I probably could drive it with my eyes closed.

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    You Had Mrs. Howe for Home Ec.

    This course doesn't exists anymore, but as a student there was so much you could get away in Mrs. Howe's class. She loved all her students like her own children and every time I see her, to this day, I give her a giant hug and thank her for showing me how to sew (even though I'm not great at it). She was my favorite teacher and the favorite of many others as well.

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    You Went To the ATO House for Halloween

    Maybe this is where my fear of clowns comes from. Before all fraternities were on Culver-Stockton's campus they were downtown. And every Halloween, the ATO would put on a haunted house where kids like me went for a good scare.

  • Robert Churchill
    Robert Churchill

    Your Graduation Class Had Fewer Than 50 Students

    My graduating class had 33 members. When I tell when I tell people it was 33, they often ask for clarification? 3,300? Nope. Just 33. I could probably name every one of them too.

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    You Knew All The Party Places

    Everyone knew where to hang out and not "get in trouble" (hey, we were teenagers).

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    Most Everybody Had A Membership to The Pool

    With Canton being a small town, there's not a whole heck of a lot to do in the summer if you're a kid, so your parents would get you a membership to the pool. And when you got old enough, you became a lifeguard (even short people like me).

  • Design Pics
    Design Pics

    You Remember The Marching Band Uniforms

    You know the ones I'm talking about; the ones with the hats that resembled cotton balls. It was my junior or senior year where we finally saved enough money to buy brand new ones.

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    You went sledding down the concourse

    CSC has the best hills for sledding. Every time it snowed and school was cancelled, you could find a ton of people sledding down the concourse.

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    You Remember the Flood of '93

    Canton seemed to be the only town with a levee that actually held. We were all pretty lucky.

  • Willard

    You Remember The Rubber Gym Floor

    If you haven't heard, the rubber gym floor is no more. I'm not exactly sure when the new wood floor was put in the "big" gym, but I remember the maroon rubber gym. It definitely hurt when you'd fall and skin your knees though. I had so many burns on my arms and legs from that floor. Yeah, I fell a lot.

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