Our buddy Doc Holliday sent this video my way today, and it’s a damn good thing he did before I went and got myself killed!

This is internet sensation Frankie MacDonald from Nova Scotia with a warning to the entire state of Missouri about some apocalyptic winter weather headed our way on Friday. Remember that name, because come Monday, you can thank him for SAVING YOUR DAMN LIFE!!

**Disclaimer: We are in store for a bit of freezing rain on Thursday night and MODOT advises you play it safe as the roads might be a little slick. For the latest in regional weather updates, I’d suggest consulting the experts at KHQA and WGEM.

Anyway, back to Frankie’s weather report. He’s calling for a “major winter storm” with freezing rain, ice pellets, 6-12” of snow across the whole state (again, fact check that). He advises we “have our winter boots, winter coats, winter jackets…hats, gloves, ski pants all ready.” Furthermore, don’t forget to order your pizza and Chinese food and get your grocery shopping done. “DO IT RIGHT NOW,” he adds.

Thank you, Frankie, for looking out for us. Canadians really are the best.
And here’s Frankie eating 50 hot dogs at once. Your move, Rich Cain.

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