If you notice your drinking water looks a little different this week, there is a reason for that. The City of Quincy has announced that the Fire Department will be flushing fire hydrants for flow testing purposes this week.  This testing will be conducted throughout the City of Quincy. Some 35 hydrants have been selected for testing through this Friday, April 27. The City of Quincy is advising people that they may experience low water pressure and water discoloration in those affected areas where testing is being done. The water pressure at your sink should be noticeably lower than usual and a glass of water should look "cloudy".

According to the Director of Utilities & Engineering, these conditions are only temporary and the water will remain safe for consumption and use during the testing period.

If you should have any concerns or questions , contact the Department of Utilities for the City of Quincy at 228-4580.

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