Have you ever bought something that came in multiple colors and debated over which one to buy? We all have done that at least a time or two, whether it was over a color of a sweater, jacket or even a car.

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Recently a came across an old Farmer's Almanac story that reported scientific research that was done in Great Britain that discovered the color of your car can reveal your personality.  Check out the information below and see if it fits your personality or your friends.

Black cars denote a person to be aggressive, an outsider or a rebel.

Silver cars denote a person who is cool, calm, and slightly aloof.

Green cars indicate a person to be someone with hysterical tendencies.

Yellow cars signify an idealistic and novelty loving person.

Blue cars are chosen by people who are introspective, reflective and cautious.

Grey cars represent a person who is calm, sober, and dedicated.

Red cars depict a person with zest, energy, and drive.

Pink cars are chosen by people who are gentle, loving and affectionate.

White car drivers are status seeking extroverted people.

and Cream colored car owners are self contained and controlled people.

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