I'll just go ahead and expose myself and say - I love it!

Sometimes the best part of food is the memories you have associated with the food itself. Of course the food is delicious and yummy on it's own, but a lot of times with fast food it can instantly take you back to a moment in time.

The most popular fast food in Illinois takes me back to three very meaningful memories in my life. One was my 10th birthday, one was after a dance competition, and the other was my first Valentine's Day date. (It was 5th grade, no judging allowed) What was the fast food associated with those three memories?

White Castle!

If you're curious of my memories, here they are -

  1. My mom had to work on my 10th birthday so it was just me and my dad, we went to White Castle and got 10 sliders to celebrate.
  2. After a dance competition it was close to midnight and my mom took my friends and I to get some grub.
  3. My 5th grade boyfriend's parents took us to White Castle on Valentine's Day. Let me just say - ultimate romance vibes.

So White Castle was named the most popular fast food in Illinois in 2021. But the year is far from over, so I guess this is just the first half of the year?

What was the most popular in Wisconsin?


Probably my favorite fast food of all time. But like I said before, I can't deny some sliders and chicken rings from White Castle.


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