In the 162 games played during the 1976 baseball season there were some phenomenal plays made, but perhaps the best play that year and some may say in all of baseball was made at Dodger Stadium.

It was April 25, 1976 when the Dodgers were hosting the Chicago Cubs, who had Rick Monday playing in right field that afternoon. During the game, two young men jumped from the stands and onto the field carrying an American Flag and some lighter fluid and stopped in the outfield. In a protest, they began to burn the flag on the field during the game.

A quick thinking Monday, seeing what was about to happen, ran in and grabbed the flag from the men to keep it from happening. Security arrested the two men.

Few people remember what happened after that. As they were escorting the two men away the crowd began to sing “God Bless America” in what was a very emotional scene. That incident happened 42 years ago today.

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