Baseball returns tomorrow, I may be in Cardinals Country, but I will always bleed Cub Blue.

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One year ago, at the end of March 2020, having a Major League Baseball season seemed like an impossible challenge. COVID-19 was sweeping through the United States, and the rest of the world, and baseball was on the back burner. But baseball eventually returned with a shortened 60 game sprint to the playoffs, and no fans in the stands, it all happened so fast it feels like a blur, almost like it never happened. But it did happen and the Dodgers won the World Series, and to be honest they look like a dynasty in the making. But none of that matters to me, because I'm a Cubs fan and being a Cubs fan is the best!

Why is being a Cubs fan better than being a Cardinals fan, or a Yankees fan, or even a Dodgers Fan? Because they are the loveable losers from the northside of the greatest city in the world, because they make winning hard, and as soon as they get some success they don't really know how to handle it. Being a Cubs fan means setting the bar low and hoping for the best! There is never pressure, it's not like being a Lakers fan with LeBron James feeling like its always Championship or bust. I use to live a 10 minute walk from Wrigley Field (the greatest stadium in the world) and there is nothing more magical then walking up Clark Street, stopping at the Wieners Circle getting a Chicago Style Hot Dog, buying a ticket for the bleachers, paying wayyyy too much for a 312 beer, and getting sunburned watching the Cubs bullpen blow a 4-1 lead in the 7th and end up losing 6-4 to the Reds.

I love being a Cubs fan, I was born into it, and will never leave it. Sure I'd like them to win more, but they like many other Chicago sports teams (cough BEARS cough) just seemed to make winning hard. But all that really matters is that we made it so far in the past year, and I am glad because that means baseball can officially be back. GO CUBS GO!

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