If you're the type of person that enjoys visiting places that are supposedly haunted, you'll like this news. MysteriousHeartland.com has ranked the Top 10 Most Haunted Libraries in the Midwest. While none of the libraries in our immediate area made the list, a decent number of the Top 10 are within a fairly reasonable driving distance. 

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In Illinois, three libraries are among the Top 10, including The Chester Public Library (10), the Milner Library in Normal (7), and the Peoria Public Library (3). The Chester Public Library's ghost, named "Miss Minnie," is known to prank staff and guest. She also likes to ride the library elevator every now and then. The Milner Library is haunted by the spirit of Angeline V. Milner, who once worked at the library. The Peoria Public Library is said to be built on cursed grounds, so it didn't even have a chance at not being haunted. It is known to be haunted by several ghost.

In Missouri, the St. Joseph Public Library made the list (4), haunted by another librarian who loved her job so much, she stayed even after she passed. In Iowa the Cedar Rapids Public Library (5) is supposedly haunted by a woman known to staff members and seen often was she was alive. One day she came to library dressed up in a fancy dress, and later that day the staff found out that she had died a few days before, and was buried in the dress they described her wearing. I think we have a winner on most haunted!

I love these types of haunted ghost stories, ones that are friendly ghost and just like to do the things they love even after death. Look. whether you believe in this stuff or not, some of the stores you hear are hard not to believe or think twice about.

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