Congratulations to Angela Huckstep of Mendon, who found and returned Y101's groundhog, U-Babe! U-Babe was hidden near the Flood of 93 Monument in the QU Stadium parking lot.

Angela said that the clues that helped her get on the right track were "U-Babe likes Pine Trees but his paws get sap all over them," "you need to look down the line to find U-Babe," and, of course, our final MONUMENTAL clue!

For finding and returning U-Babe to the Y101 studios, Angela has won a $250 gift certificate from Dedert’s Quality Meats, compliments of the Illinois Pork Producers Association. We'd like to thank everyone who has gone out searching for U-Babe!

Dennis Oliver, Angela Huckstep and Jeff Dorsey
Dennis Oliver, Angela Huckstep and Jeff Dorsey


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