I've heard of a lot of Bigfoot sightings in my life, but few with a description like this. A woman claims that she saw a small white Bigfoot creature while driving through Hannibal. You now have our full attention.

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Sasquatch Theory shared this interesting story from a woman named Becky who gave him a video interview to tell the story of how she saw a potential Sasquatch in April 22, 2017. She was driving from St. Joseph on Highway 36 at night headed toward Illinois. It was at night when they were on 36 approaching Hannibal when she saw something strange. I'll let Becky tell her story.

To summarize, they pulled the car over so Becky could relieve her husband from driving. This was near Hannibal. It was around 10:30 pm at night when she was around 30 miles west of Hannibal. She had a semi-truck in front of her. It was on the median on her left that she saw a white creature with long shaggy hair standing on two legs. This "Bigfoot" seemed to be staring at her waiting for her to cross the road. Becky estimates the creature was only 10 to 12 feet away from the creature.

Becky said the creature had a very stocky build. She couldn't see much of the hands, but saw white hair covering the feet and arms hanging down. The eyes were red. She said to her husband "what the heck was that?".

She proceeded down the highway and said she spent the next half hour trying to determine what exactly she had seen. No normal animals she was familiar with came close to this beast.

Did Becky see a Bigfoot on Highway 36 a half hour away from Hannibal or was it her headlights illuminating something else? All I can say is that I believe that Becky believes she's telling the truth of what she saw.

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