I've always been wary of Airbnb places and a new video shared by a woman checking into hers won't make me change my mind. She found a trap door hidden inside one of the closets.

I have no doubt that there are many upstanding people who rent out their places with no issues whatsoever. This isn't one of those. Check out this video shared on TikTok by a lady who fortunately decided to look around all the rooms before she settled in for the night.

Based on the hashtags, it appears this may have happened somewhere in Wisconsin. She noticed a closet off to the side of her bedroom. What she found will likely make you shudder.

Circumstantial evidence appears to show that someone has placed a ladder under the unlocked trap door so they could hypothetically enter the room after the couple was asleep and do bad things. Is it possible it's just the owner needing to make some repairs in the basement and they forgot to remove the ladder? Sure. Would I be willing to test that theory. No freaking way.

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I found this video trending on Digg and it's understandable why. It's one of the ultimate cautionary tales about how you can trust but verify.

Business Insider recently shared a story of how Airbnb has thousands of sexual assault cases brought forward every year. When you see potentially deviant setups like the one this woman shared on TikTok, you can understand why. Creepy.

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