If you have to have your McNugget fix, you'll stop whatever you're doing to make it happen even if you're in the middle of a police chase like this woman was.

Boston.com shared the inspiring story of Johanna Gardell. She had allegedly been fleeing police in a stolen truck for 2 hours when they noticed she stopped for an interesting reason. What Johanna didn't know is that the truck was being tracked by GPS and the authorities used that to determine she had made a pit stop.

Where was Johanna and the truck? At a McDonald's drive-thru where she was purchasing a box of McNuggets. Hmm.

Raymond James Simoncini is the owner of the truck according to the story. They shared the following quote from Raymond about what happened when they learned his truck was at McDonalds:

She was ordering chicken nuggets and they actually held her up,” Simoncini said. “The officers called ahead to hold her and slow down the line.

The alleged McNugget-deprived truck thief apparently hit several vehicles prior to her arrival at McDonalds. There is no word if she asked for BBQ or hot mustard sauce with her nuggets. Decisions, decisions.

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I don't condone what Johanna allegedly did, but would offer this handy tip for any future adventures she might consider.

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