If you have a tin foil hat handy, now would be a good time to find it and put it on. I've found some pretty wild conspiracy theories that claim there are secret military tunnels that go through the Quincy area.

Let's get the facts out of the way right now. There are tunnels below Quincy and they're not secret. If you've driven down highway 57, you've seen the entrances.

That's not what this theory involves. It claims there are deep underground military bases across the country. You've probably heard the theory about a secret base under the Denver International Airport and Area 51, etc. The speculation about a tunnel system under Quincy is tied to this.

If you look at the map, it shows a speculated tunnel traveling from the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area to St. Louis, Missouri and it travels right underneath our feet. The belief is that these bases and tunnels exist for the "elite" and military to use in the event of a real future emergency.

This is admittedly pretty crazy stuff, so why bring it up now? Here's where I'm going with this. A few weeks ago, there were mysterious loud booms heard throughout Missouri. I've had more than one person bring up this theory in regards to those weird booms. The thought is that there is on-going construction of these tunnels and the "boom" was a result of that.

Is there any truth to all of this? I frankly have no idea. I tend to be a skeptic unless I can find some solid proof. We all know there are tunnels in our area. Are there secret ones also? The truth is out there.

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