I have had several friends in Missouri who have reported that they've heard loud booms today. Have you and if so, where?

I first saw this shared about an hour ago on a storm chaser Facebook page.

With so many caves in Missouri that sometimes include industrial work being done in them, loud noises are not exactly rare. There is also the possibility that a jet moving at a high rate of speed could have caused a repercussive sound.

If I were more of a conspiracy theory type of person (OK, so I really am), I would wonder if this might be booms created by earthquakes. That really is a thing as documented by the USGS. New Madrid fault line, I'm looking at you.

UPDATE: One man claimed the loud sound originated in Benton County, Missouri. That still would not explain why it was also heard in northeast Missouri though.

Did you hear it? If so, you can always let us know through our app.

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