So here we are at the end of March and it is Easter Sunday weekend coming up. Why does Easter occur on a different date every year you may ask? Well the date for Easter has to do with three things. One of those things is the full moon. That’s right, the Full Moon.  The second thing to determine when Easter will occur is Spring, at least the first day of Spring. The third and final component needed is Sunday, when all Easter’s occur.

With that said, here is how and when Easter is determined. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring. Since spring arrived on March 20 and the first full moon after spring will arrive on Saturday, March 31, that would make this Sunday, April 1, as the first Sunday after those two events.

Believe it or not, historically, it was back in the year 325 AD that Christian Church leaders established the astronomical requirements that we still use today. Based on those requirements, Easter could fall anytime from March 22 through April 25.

So now you know why!

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