So you want to get in the Easter spirit but you don't want to hard boil any eggs this year? Skip the eggs and boil some noodles instead.

So many of us are celebrating Easter a little different this year and maybe you don't want to dye eggs.

Personally, I'm not going to hide them for myself in my apartment and secondly, I don't like to eat hard-boiled eggs, I want to save mine for eating!

Noodles on the other hand, they're way easier to make peace with giving up to have some fun.

All you need to do is boil your noodles, but make sure to under-cook them, they need to be done but still hearty, and then dye the noodles much like you'd dye eggs.

That's it!

I couldn't believe how much fun I had doing this myself I know your kids will have ten times as much fun when you dye spaghetti with them.


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