Wealth is a strange word. Richness can be measured by how full one's life is. However, when it comes down to pure dollars and cents, there's one person in Missouri who has a net worth above and beyond anyone else and he's worth an estimated $8 billion dollars.

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Stacker just shared the updated richest people in Missouri list which contains 7 billionaires. Who's at the tip top of the money bags? Johnny Morris who gained his fame and fortune as a self-made business success at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri. They estimate his net worth at $8 billion dollars. That's 8 plus 9 zeroes on the left side of the decimal point, by the way. This was back when he was introducing his new Top of the Rock par 3 golf course (which is now in a video game, by the way).

Here's something I found that was interesting to me. The new Stacker list is based on the Forbes Billionaires of 2022. On that list, Johnny Morris is shown with a net worth of "only" $6 billion dollars making him 424th in the world. It did show him on the rise on that list. I have to wonder if the $8 billion dollar new estimate means that he gained an additional $2 billion dollars over the past year. This just in. That's a pretty slamming great year if that's accurate.

If you've ever been to Johnny Morris original Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri, the $8 billion dollar estimate of his net worth will not surprise you. It's like an amusement park of sporting goods awesomeness.

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