Wealth can be a subjective term. What is rich to one person might seem like a pittance to someone else. Do you actually know what Missouri's poverty level is? Do you know that you might be poor (by state standards) and not even know it?

I don't want to cross the sharing boundary, but I was technically living in poverty for years in Missouri, but didn't even realize it. I had enough income to pay my bills and didn't live an exorbitant lifestyle which was fine with me. It wasn't until I got curious that I learned that at the time, I was poor (so to speak).

What is the actual number for the poverty level in Missouri?

What I found from the state of Missouri was frankly a bit outdated (think 2022), so I decided to lean into the federal standards which I found out apply to almost all states. Here's what Healthcare.gov says is the poverty level for different size households.

  • For people living alone - $15,060
  • For family of 2 - $20,440
  • For household of 3 - $25,820
  • For family of 4 - $31,200
  • For household of 5 - $36,580
  • For family of 6 - $41,960
  • For household of 7 - $47,340
  • For family of 8 - $52,720
  • For household of 9+ -  Add $5,380 for each extra person

The only states where these standards don't apply are Alaska and Hawaii that have higher numbers with higher costs of living.

How many in Missouri live below the poverty line?

The most recent data I can find directly from the state of Missouri is 2022 where it says 13% of Missourians live below the poverty level. I suspect that number is higher than they're estimating.

Back to my original point. I know many who technically live below those household numbers who are happy as can be. Wealth and happiness are two completely different things and you don't need one to have the other.

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