With Valentine's Day over, let the candy discounts begin! But where can you find the CHEAPEST Valentine's Day candy in Quincy? We called the stores on your behalf and here's what we found...

Walgreens, CVS, Hyvee on Harrison, Walmart, County Market at 48th, and Shopko have marked ALL Valentine's Day candy down 50% effective Wednesday morning.

HyVee on Broadway has a series of discounts on Valentine's Day merchandise ranging from 20 to 50% off.

County Market on 24th Street & Kmart do not have any discounts yet (but I am sure within a day or two that will change).

So whether you enjoy M&M's, Sweetarts, or any type of chocolate, this is a great opportunity to get stocked up for upcoming events you may have. With Easter coming, these candy sales are a good way to get ready for those baskets you'll have to make soon.

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