It is a simple question to ask Google "Quincy, Illinois is..." and the results are actually quite interesting!

If you go on to Google (we should all know how to get to Google right?) and you ask it questions like "How tall is Shaq?" or "When was Luke Bryan born?" you get the answer! It is a brilliant website! So I decided to go to Google and ask it some questions about dear old Quincy, Illinois, and when I typed in "Quincy Illinois is" into the search bar, this is what you see...

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

So the number one thing that people want to know when they search "Quincy Illinois is" is if Quincy is safe. Which I feel is an easy question to answer and that is yes! Now I may be slightly biased because I moved here from Chicago, but I have felt completely safe here in my two years of living in the Gem City. What is interesting to me about the results of typing in "Quincy Illinois is" is that everything, except for whatever the heck Quincy Court in Island Lake is, is based on Quincy being safe, or a good place to live.

I find that Interesting because to me that means that there are people asking Google constantly if Quincy is a a good place to live, which means that there are lots of people considering moving to Quincy! That has to be a good sign for our city right? The more people are searching about living here the more likely there are people who will move here. And it could be worse, at least the top answer isn't something like "Quincy Illinois is lame" or "Quincy Illinois is NOT a good place to live".

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