July 2nd is World UFO Day, and Illinois is near the very top of the list for states with most UFO sightings.

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Unidentified Flying Objects are becoming more and more mainstream to believe in as the United States military and government has started to declassify UFO tapes and information BUT that still doesn't mean that aliens are real. When I found out that tomorrow (July 2nd) is World UFO Day I went searching for information on which states get the most UFO sightings, I figured it would be a lot of coastal cities and desert states, so I was shocked to see where Illinois fell on the rankings.

According to Stacker.com Illinois ranks 9th in the country for most UFO sightings as of mid June 2021 when this article was written. In the article they say that Illinois has had 2,758 total UFO sightings, that is a crazy high number (if you would have asked me to guess how many Illinois had before researching I would have said maybe a couple hundred) but that does pail in comparison to the number one state for UFO sightings which is California with over 10,000 sightings...

Now I am the type of person who needs to see it to believe it. And I do believe that there is life in the universe, it is too big and too vast for us to be the only intelligent life out there BUT do I believe that intelligent life is visiting us in flying saucers I don't know, if they are coming here I just hope they are legit coming in peace!

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