When you move into a new home, you understand there might be some...issues. However, no one I've ever known has found what one Missouri family did when they moved into their ritzy new house near a golf course. The walls were quite literally filled with thousands of deadly brown recluse spiders.

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I saw MSN share this horrific story yesterday about Brian and Susan Trost who bought a new nearly half-million dollar home in Weldon Spring many years ago. The MSN story described the spider infestation as "bleeding from the walls".

CBS News added even more backstory to this terrifying Missouri home discovery. They reported that Susan Trost first noticed the spiders when one fell from above her in the shower.

The war on the brown recluse spiders was on as 2 pest control companies were reportedly brought in, but neither was successful in ridding the home of the infestation.

The University of Kansas eventually became involved and researchers estimated there were up to 6,000 brown recluse spiders within the walls of the home and that was a conservative estimate as their investigation happened during the time of year when the spiders were least active.

The home would have 9 tarps put over it as gases allegedly killed every spider in the home. Allegedly.

The Trost family would sue the former home owners and be awarded $475,000, but the report says the previous owners filed bankruptcy. Brian and Susan Trost moved out and the home was handled by a mortgage company.

It's the worst spider infestation I've ever heard of and it happened in Missouri. (*shudder*)

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