Everyone on the internet has an opinion which is why I often dismiss the latest "This is the best" site lists. I'll make an exception as there is some science involved in this one, though. It claims that the most famous Missouri restaurant happens to be a Kansas City BBQ joint.

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The website Love Food (with a name like that, you'd think they'd know) has just released the most famous restaurants in each of the United States. They swear that Arthur Bryant's Barbeque in Kansas City is the most famous of all, but why? Their reasoning makes sense. They say "the barbecue restaurant has seen an incredible number of notable diners over the years, from Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford to John McCain and Barack Obama". Celebrities love it then? Guess so.

I'm not disrespecting the food that Arthur Bryant's BBQ serves, by the way. These dishes look pretty dang amazing.

Buckets World via YouTube
Buckets World via YouTube

I suppose you gain street cred in the BBQ scene when you dominate the Kansas City area for 70 years in a city that is world-famous for BBQ. Well played, Arthur's.

I'll go ahead and give Love Food some credit for maybe getting this one right. If you can convince Steven Spielberg and Indiana Jones to eat at your place, you're likely the most famous restaurant in Missouri indeed.

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