If you'd like to get away from civilization as we know it, there's one expert that seems to think you won't have to go far. When it comes to off-grid living, Bob Vila says Missouri is one of the best options.

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What is off-grid living really? The definition is different depending on who you talk to, but generally speaking it's anyone who's living off the land without dependence on public utilities. Being self-sustaining and being able to grow your own food is important to this lifestyle also.

Bob Vila (or at least his website) listed what they believe are the best states in America for off-grid living. Right there near the top of the list you'll see Missouri. Why? Here's a little of what they said about the Show Me State:

Missouri is home to large swaths of rural countryside, many of which don’t have strict zoning regulations or building codes. Off-grid homesteaders can freely collect rainwater without restrictions in Missouri...It’s also a state where homeschooling children doesn’t involve much bureaucracy because of limited education restrictions.

I'm not willing to accept just one website (or TV expert's) opinion so I decided to search for myself and found many families who are homesteading off-grid in Missouri and sharing their experiences including 1000's of Roots who have been living this life for years.

As we shared a few months ago, there's one community of off-the-grid neighbors living in a northeast Missouri community, too.

It's certainly not a lifestyle for everyone, but it's becoming more popular and Missouri specifically is being chosen as a destination by many.

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